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What is Garlic powder

Number of visits: Date:2013-07-17

garlic powder

Garlic powder is usually dehydrated or spray dried garlic which in a powder form. Many people use it as a replacement of fresh garlic in their kitchen, but it does not taste the same as the fresh garlic.

Top brands garlic powder with high quality are pure garlic without any artificial food additives. However to give the garlic powder a long shelf life and make it looks tastier, some manufacturers would like to add preservative and pigment to it. To prevent garlic powder from caking and make it more free flowing, proper malt dextrin is allowed.

Garlic powder is often used in seasoning blends. You can see it as food ingredient in chicken powder, seasoning cubes, dried seasoning blend powder and other products. The most common is garlic salt. It is just garlic with salt. If you want decrease you salt digest, well garlic salt is obviously not a good choice.

Thought garlic powder has the advantages of fresh garlic, but it is still not fresh garlic. It has its own flavor. You can use it along with fresh garlic.

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