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Safety of HVP powder

Number of visits: Date:2013-07-18

high nitrogen HVP powderdecolored HVP powder

In 1988, European started to query the safety of HVP powder because they found low concentration of 3-MCPD and 3-DCP, which are suspected to be cancerogenic substance and fertility inhibitor.

In America, FDA has not made an explanation for DCP in HVP powder, but they are considering observing it for a certain period. While The American association of hydrolyzed vegetable protein Producers has recommended its members to control the concentration of 3-MCPD under 2.5 ppm. While in Europe, companies which produce HVP have made it under 0.5 ppm successfully and the concentration of 2-DCP in European is under 0.05 ppm. However the decrease of hazardous substance would bring a lot increase to the cost.

Not so many HVP powder manufacturers can meet the quality demand of Europe, while Shanghai Hensin Industry CO., Ltd. make it. Our HVP powder is of high quality and low price, we have high nitrogen HVP powder in which the nitrogen concentration is above 5% and low nitrogen HVP powder in which the nitrogen concentration is about 2-2.5%.

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