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What is HVP powder

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decolored HVP powderlow nitrogen HVP powder

HVP powder is a traditional food ingredients, it taste like meat and is widely used in food processing especially in soup, meat powder, snacks, etc. Liquid HVP is also very common in people’s dining table—non fermented soy sauce which is a kind of mixed sauce by HVP, grain and pigment.
The produce of HVP powder is using protein reacting with HCL and then neutralized by NaOH. This reaction will form lot of salt, the concentration will be about 45%-50%. Through spray drying process, we get HVP powder from liquid HVP. With Maillard reaction, we can give HVP powder meat flavor.
The raw material of HVP powder is mainly de-fatted grain or rapeseed. In America, people use soyagrits and maizegluten as main material, while in Europe, rapeseed and maizegulten and other protein is the main material to produce HVP powder. In general, the price of HVP powder most depends on the price of its material, so people use low price HVP powder most often.

The index people use to measure the protein quantity in HVP powder is the concentration of total nitrogen. The total nitrogen concentration of our high nitrogen HVP powder is above 5%, low nitrogen HVP powder is about 2-2.5%.
In America, the origin of material must be written on the tag, like it is soyagrits or maizegluten, while in Europe, you can only tell whether it is from vegetable or plant from the tag.

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