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Definition of food ingredients

Number of visits: Date:2013-07-19

Food ingredients are recognized as safety edible substance. They are used in preparation for the production of a certain type of food and appear in the products.

Food ingredients do not include food additives. The usage amount of food ingredients is relatively larger than food additives, generally over 3%.

The boundary of food ingredients and food is with relativity. Sometimes food ingredient (soy sauce for example) is a kind of food itself, but it becomes food ingredients when used in other products.

The boundary of food ingredients and food additives is also with relativity. With the enhancing function of food ingredients, its concentration in food may gradually reduce and may end into food additives. The development speed of international food ingredients is very fast.

The difference between food ingredients and seasoning is that food ingredients cover all the aspects of food production and application such as snacks, soft drinks, children’s food, instant foods, etc. The development of food ingredients will bring development for the whole food industry.

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