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Seasoning in meat products

Number of visits: Date:2013-07-24

Seasonings play an important role in meat products. Though the amount is very small but it has a huge affect to the flavor of meat products. Each kind of seasoning has its own special components which are different from others. In the process of heating, through physicochemical reaction of these components, the taste and color of meat are changed which lead to the various special flavor. The special flavor of meat products improves people’s appetite and increase nutrition for human body. Some of the seasonings even have the effect of sterilization and antisepsis. However, some seasonings like cinnamon, anise, fennel, pepper contain a small concentration of hazardous substance. According to the determined, cinnamon contains a certain amount of substance which can change genes, while anise, fennel and pepper contain carcinogens.

In the production of meat products, the kind and amount of seasonings it used should be different according to the products and production aim. It is not that the more seasonings you use the better the flavor will be. Take Chinese meat products as an example, there are seasonings in almost all of them, large amount of seasonings are not only wasting but also making your products taste bad. So it is very important to use right amount of the seasonings.

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