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Three skills to remove beef smell

Number of visits: Date:2013-07-26

Have you ever used garlic powder or onion powder or other things to remove the beef smell? Well, you know beef is very delicious, I always buy some beef in my refrigerator and cook it whenever I want to eat it. However, the bad smell it gives out makes me feel awful. I have tried a lot of ways such as dip it in clean water which just make it wet and also lose nutrition, add pepper and onion slices to it can remove part of the smell but not totally useful, add fivespice powder to it but the beef flavor is changed. I tried a lot of ways and finally find three most useful ways to remove it:

1, use onion powder instead of onion slices.

Onion slices are really helpful but the affect is not as well as onion powder. Onion powder is small enough to fully blend with beef, it also can provide a rich flavor for your beef.

2, the usage of garlic powder

Just one spoon garlic powder is enough for 300g beef. You don’t have to worry about the garlic smell, they just help each other to remove the bad smell.

3, red wine instead of cooking wine

Red wine is more useful than cooking wine in removing the beef smell, I just tried, but don’t know why, maybe it’s because the fruit fragrance.

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