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Development of food ingredients industry keeps going

Number of visits: Date:2013-07-29

food ingredients

Effected by the macro economic and policy, the development of high-end food and beverage industry in our country starts to decline, which affects the sale and production of the food ingredients and seasoning. Nevertheless, the development of seasoning and food ingredients industry keeps going up.

The applied foreground of food ingredients is very vast, especially the following 6 aspects develop fast: spices seasoning, HVP (hydrolyzed vegetable) protein powder and HAP (hydrolyzed animal protein) powder, MSG and IG, cameral color, yeast extraction, meat or salty flavor. Something worth to mention is that spices can be well used in seasoning and food production.

The seasoning and food ingredients company should understand their products well and produce more safe products to improve the development of food industry.

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