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Seasoning industry keeps developing

Number of visits: Date:2013-07-30

Seasoning consists a variety spices, it is widely used in cooking, food industry and drinking.  It is used to improve the flavor of foods and remove the bad smell. In the recent years, the development of seasoning industry of our country keeps going up, the growth rate is about 20% per year. Now the whole yield of seasoning industry is over 150 million tons and seasoning becomes the new growth point in food industry.

Now seasoning market of China is gradually developing towards the direction of green nutritional, brewing from just paying attention to the taste. With the consumption upgrade and industrial upgrade, the seasoning products upgrade is very needed. Now seasoning products are upgrading from one single food ingredient like soy sauce, vinegar and MSG to mixed ingredients such as chicken powder, compound beef powder, shrimp powder, etc. According to some statistics, the sales volume of brewing products is much bigger than blending products, this indicates the trend of seasoning market is going towards high quality, diversification, natural and green direction.

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