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  • name: Instant Soy Sauce Powder


Instant soy sauce powder,the newest product in China also unique in the world,spray dried from natural fermented soy sauce, Halal, Kosher and GMO-free. Taste the same as the top soy sauce powder brands but the price is the cheapest. Can be eaten direcly, high solubility, widely used in resturant, hotel, fast-food, home cooking, dry seasoning blends.


1 Kg instant soy sauce powder, 3 Kg water, 0.25 Kg salt.

For family -- heating the soy sauce to boil then store into the glass bottle.

For factory -- heating the soy sauce to 85 degrees and preserve for 40 minutes, cooling to 60 degrees and adding 4.5% edible alcohol(antiseptic action).

Product standard:

Expiry 18 months
Packing 20kg/carton
Sensory characteristics Packing Seal up
Tincture and appearance Brown yellow and free-flowing Powder
Taste and savour classic soy sauce fragrance and special soy sauce grease fragrance
Physical and chemical Moisture(%) 6.00
Aminophenol nitrogen(%) 1.8
Salt(%) 35.00
Microorganism Total bacterial count(cfu/g) 5000
Coliform group(/100g) N.D
Pathogen N.D