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  • name: Shrimp Stock Cube


materials → mixing up pressing into cube drying  packing   inspecting product

main materials:

pure seafood powder, MSG, salt, yeast powder, yolk powder

Advantages and functionality: any artificial preservative in vitamins and minerals such as Calcium,Iron in functional polypeptide

product standard:


Sensory characteristics Appearance Light yellow and free flowing granules
Fragrance Faint scent
Flavor With the typical and harmonious flavor of chicken soup and strong fresh taste
Chemical and physical Moisture(%) 3.0
Salt(%) 40.0
Total nitrogen(%) ≧3.0
Amino nitrogen(%) 1.0
Hygiene index Total plate count(cfu/g) ≦5000
Coliforms(MPN/100g) 90
Salmonella(/g) Can't be found
As(mg/kg) 0.5
Pb(mg/kg) 1

Packaging and storage:


Size of carton:480mm×295mm×295mm

Transportation:Please store in rain and wet proof place, can't mix store with the other strong savored goods.

Shelf life:18 months(Please see the production date on the carton)

Applicable scopes:

This is a kind of compound seasoning which can be widely applied to fried dishes, soup, chaffy dish and fast food etc. add properly according to the actual need