Fish protein hydrolysate (anchovy)

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Fish protein hydrolysate (anchovy)


Fish Hydrolysate

  • Product Description

    Hydrolyzed fish protein is made from fresh and pollution-free deep-sea fish. After removing impurities, steaming, de-boning, grinding and de-oiling, it is processed by enzyme digestion, membrane separation and adsorption de-bittering. The product has good attractiveness/palatability, high digestibility, anti-oxidization, immune function, high bioactive potency, and is an ideal raw material to replace plasma protein and enteric membrane protein.

    High protein content: 90% min.
    Solubility in water: 100% soluble in water and the solution is clear.

    Functions are strong:
    1.Hydrolyzed fish protein has obvious anti-ulcer effect because the functional peptide can quickly repair the damaged intestinal mucosal cells and protect the intestinal mucosal tissue.
    2.Hydrolyzed fish protein has obvious growth-promoting effect because the emulsification performance is improved after the enzymolysis which can improve the intestinal absorption of nutrients,
    3.The taurine content is high which promotes the proliferation and differentiation of body cells, combines with bile acid to generate taurine bile acid, and improves the digestion and absorption of lipids; 
    4.The absorption rate of fish protein hydrolysate is very high because the energy consumption of intestinal mucosa for transferring small peptides is lower than that of amino acids and the transfer site is unsaturated with small peptides。.
    5.Application of fixed-point enzymolysis technology makes the fish protein hydrolysate more flavorful because small peptides are released.
    Application:  pet food, piglet feed, sow feed, high-value aquafeed