White vinegar powder

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White vinegar powder


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    White vinegar powder is spray dried from fermented white vinegar that adds a tangy flavor to many dishes without adding liquid. It can be used in place of liquid vinegar in dry rubs, glazes, soups, and seasoning blends. White vinegar powder is also good for barbecue rubs and can be used anywhere you want to add vinegar flavor but can't use regular vinegar. 

    White vinegar powder can be used to add flavor to Stews, Chili, Soups, Dressings, Marinades, Dry rubs, BBQ rubs, Seasonings, and Barbecue sauces

    White vinegar→ Adjustment → Sterilization→ Spray drying →Packing → Metal detection → Inspection

    Physical and chemical standard:
    Moisture (%) ≤8.0 
    Total acid (%) ≥12.0

    Package and storage: 
    Packing: 5kg*4/carton 
    Packaging material: PE bag/ craft carton 
    Quantity for 20’FCL: 15 tons. 
    Storage: Seal up and store it in dry place at room temperature. Use it up as soon as possible after 
    unsealing it. 
    Shelf life:18 months

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