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Chinese seasoning development trend(1)

Chinese seasoning development trend(1)

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Kantar World panel latest monitoring report pointed out that China's fast-moving consumer goods market in October 4, 2013 year sales increased by 8%, but no sign of sales rebounded sharply. In the food category, seasoning market performance is good; the annual sales growth rate reached 10%, higher than the overall growth of food category. Seasoning market growth of 10%, 37% from the growth of the price, become the main driving factors of seasoning market growth, 27% growth from consumers. At the same time, consumers purchase frequency and quantity of the shopping also has different degree of expansion and growth.

According to Kantar World panel for consumers buying behavior monitoring, China seasoning market growth comes from more child category of high-speed growth. For example, oyster sauce, sesame paste and curry in amount growth rate above 20%. The growth of each category has also driven by different factors. Mature in the spices, in general, the growth comes from the growth of the consumption and price, such as soy sauce and spices. And development category is derived from the growth of new consumer, such as oyster sauce, sesame paste, etc. Understand dressing in each category to a market-driven real factor, is conducive to clear the market present situation, market and product marketing strategy better.

Among seasoning price growth factors, product upgrade (i.e., consumers to purchase more high-end products) as the main growth factors, followed by inflation (adjust the price the same product). In seasoning in each category, soy sauce and sesame oil in the high-end trend is more obvious. Kantar World panel data show that by the end of 2013 on October 4th year, high-end of the soy sauce market for 1 liter is greater than or equal to 16 Yuan (for example) in soy sauce as a whole has a 25% market share, and the number of consumers to buy high-end soy sauce has been increased by 16%.

High-end soy sauce brings to the consumer is no longer a general concept of soy sauce, let consumer experience, soy sauce also needs more nutrition and health. At the same time, manufacturers, according to the characteristics of Chinese cuisines taste and Chinese home cooking, subdividing the kinds of soy sauce and functional soy sauce arises at the historic moment. In addition, the gift pack also conforms to the characteristics of the Chinese gift market. Compared with other families, more and more households above 5 people family join in the buy high-end soy sauce. At the same time, the middle-income families to buy growth for high-end soy sauce also higher than other income of the family.