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Seasonings for household use & food service


● Sauces  烹饪酱

● Stock cube 汤块

● Powdered seasoning (chicken/beef/shrimp) 粉体调味料(鸡肉、牛肉、虾味、番茄等风味)

● Granulated seasoning 颗粒状调味料(鸡精等)

● Marinades 腌制料

● Pickles 泡菜

Ingredients for savoury food industry



● Soy sauce powder 酱油粉
● HVP Powder HVP粉
● Meat powder 肉粉
● Meat extract powder 肉类提取物
● Savoury flavor with and without animal origin
● I+G replacer  I+G替代品
● Vegetable juice concentrates 浓缩蔬菜汁 

Ingredients for pet food 宠物食品配料

● Chicken liver powder 鸡肝粉
● chicken protein hydrolysate 酶解鸡肉粉
● Fish protein hdyrolysate 酶解鱼粉
● Compound amino acid powder 复合氨基酸粉



Pure Chicken Powder

Fish protein hydrolysate

Chicken Liver Powder

Hydrolysed feather protein powder (amino acid powder )


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