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The difference between monosodium glutamate and chicken powder

The difference between monosodium glutamate and chicken powder

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MSG can complement amino acids the human body, enhance and maintain brain function. Because of its good taste, it can enhance the person's appetite. MSG is helpful to improve the digestibility of food. In addition, the main ingredient in monosodium glutamate monosodium glutamate is the treatment of chronic hepatitis, hepatic coma, neurasthenia, epilepsy, such as acid deficiency disease. Chicken powder has the following features: material taking compound is chicken and egg production, there are both the delicate flavors of the chicken and its fragrance; Its chemical composition is the nucleotides and monosodium glutamate compound, and the improvement of quality, realize the increase fresh flavor of dual function; The improvement compared to the MSG is monosodium glutamate 1.5 ~ 2 times, is a higher health food nutrition ingredient. It is reported that Shanghai and the surrounding coastal regions, chicken powder, sales have almost the same MSG. Chicken essence can emerge from many spices in the short time, instead of keeping fresh, bright, and has the characteristics of chicken flavor is inseparable. In addition, it also has a high temperature resistant, not changing, food after don't wait for an advantage. These are other seasonings can’t compare.

The fair use of monosodium glutamate, chicken essence

MSG is a kind of freshness of spices, cooking, stuffing, mixed with cold dishes, soups, etc. which can be used. But if we don't abide by the rules, not only cannot achieve the ideal effect of seasoning, even cause side effects, so use monosodium glutamate in the middle of the cooking to note: 1. Don't join in the hot pot, and at the time of the dishes quickly out of the pot to join. Because of monosodium glutamate at temperatures higher than 120, become the focus of monosodium glutamate, food harmful to human body, after and hard to discharge in vitro. 2 MSG is unfavorable in acidic foods, such as sweet and sour fish, sweet and sour pork, etc. MSG, as the alkali is added in the acidic food will cause chemical reaction, makes the stale food. 3. In the material containing alkaline unfavorable use monosodium glutamate, MSG will encounter alkali synthesis of disodium glutamate, will produce ammonia smell, lower the freshness, and even lose their freshness. 4. Pay attention to the recorded. If too salty, monosodium glutamate could eat out freshness, the proportion of salt and monosodium glutamate in 3-1 or 4-1 range, can achieve soft fruity taste, as appropriate to dissolve after add salad. Because temperature is 85, the dissolution of MSG below this temperature, MSG is difficult to decompose. 5. Fresh soup, chicken, eggs, aquatic products, need not put MSG in making dishes. 6 Pregnant women and infants and young children should not be eating MSG, because MSG may cause fetal defects; the elderly and children are also unfavorable feed more. People with high blood pressure if there is excessive consumption of MSG, can make blood pressure is higher. Patients with high blood pressure, therefore, not only to limit salt intake, but also the strict control of monosodium glutamate uptake.

From health point of view, chicken powder is harmless to human body, chicken powder, in the process of cooking, the conditions on the use of it, the MSG is much looser. Chicken powder can be used for any occasions of monosodium glutamate, right amount added to the dishes, soups, pasta, all have good increase fresh role, especially in the soup pot add chicken powder, stewing, its aroma and flavor to adapt to each other, appetite is big. But when cooking, if add too much chicken powder, will destroy the original flavor and influence taste dishes. Chicken powder, also should pay attention to in using the following: 1The chicken powder containing 10% salt, so the food before add chicken powder, salt in moderation. 2. Chicken essence containing nucleotide and its metabolites is uric acid, and so have gout should be appropriate to reduce the intake; 3. Chicken powder, poor solubility is monosodium glutamate, such as in Shang Taizhong when using, should first after dissolved again use, only in this way can be better taste cell to perceive; 4. Contains salt, chicken powder and moisture absorption is strong, after use must pay attention to the seal, or nutritious chicken will grow a large number of microorganisms and contaminated food.

       Monosodium glutamate and chicken powder, one is only contains a single amino acid monosodium glutamate seasoning, a extract mixed with a variety of amino acids from chicken seasoning, both generally may feel relieved edible. But the principle is to master, don't eat too much, because people are enjoying the delicious at the same time, can't neglect of health.