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Bouillon cube

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  Bouillon cube: block of the new compound seasoning food. English: bouillon cube, seasoning cube, stock cube, etc. the main ingredients are salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, natural pigment, spice, etc. It was invented by Hub Bin come from French in 1831. Mainly used for household instant foods.


  1 food origin

 Mr. Credited with the invention of the soup of the French Hub Bin an attempt in 1831, in the home, to take children out for a picnic can eat the delicious soup, he thought of the day before yesterday night no drink fish soup, remove the frozen blocks, this estimate is the world's first piece of bouillon cube. Although a bit far-fetched, but according to the research on the history of European seasoning, soup is so simple. Later in the piece the soup, Switzerland, in 1908 Mr. Margi commercial packaging and production, then Mr. Margi private small factory annex, soup piece for the mass production and give the name Margi. This kind of instant products were introduced to China in 2003

   2 how to eat it

 Directly into the water or soup; also can crush scatter to the food

 In general, one 10 grams of soup is applicable to 1.5 liters of water or soup.

   3 related economic

  The main market: Africa, particularly West Africa; South America; Southeast Asia and other places.

Bouillon cube in domestic absolute is a new type of product, because we Chinese eating habits, so the soup blocks in the domestic sales but said that is not a wise choice. As a result, some well-known domestic manufacturers such as Anhui, all focus on foreign sales. And international mainly focus on the West African market.

 Due to some historical reasons, habits of black Africa also like to fill in the meal with the flavor of food, to increase the flavor.

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