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Rice vinegar powder

Rice vinegar powder

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Rice vinegar powder of Shanghai Hensin Industry CO., Ltd. is spray dried from rice vinegar. Since there are various kinds of rice vinegar, so there are many kinds of rice vinegar powder.

rice vinegar powder

There are somked rice vinegar powder, aromatic vinegar powder and rice bran vinegar powder. Categorized by the way of fermentation, there are solid-state fermentation rice vinegar powder, liquid-state fermentation rice vinegar powder and solid-liquid fermented rice vinegar powder. Categorized by the color, there are light rice vinegar powder, dark rice vinegar powder and white vinegar powder. By the flavor, there are mature rice vinegar powder, smoked rice vinegar powder and sweet rice vinegar powder.


The color of rice vinegar should be red brown or colorless and transparent, the smell should be smoked, ester-like or mellow. The flavor of quality rice vinegar powder should be mild sour, a little sweet, not astringent and last long.

How to choose quality rice vinegar

In China, to choose a bottle of quality rice vinegar, there are three ways. Firstly, go through the tag, if you see the word of “pure brewed” on the tag, that means it’s high quality product, if not, that means the vinegar is mixed with other materials. Or if you find “G B 18187” on the tag, then the vinegar is pure brewed, otherwise, it is mixed. For pure brewed vinegar, the higher the total acid it contains, the better the quality is. Secondly, shake before eating. For the product without thickener and cameral, the dark and thick vinegar is of good quality. Thirdly, have a taste. Quality rice vinegar has a mild sour taste and good smell.

Our advantages

We have been producing rice vinegar powder for more than 10 years, we have rich experience and advanced technology. We are doing our best to reduce the cost by all means but without losing quality. Our quality is the same as the top brand, but our price is the cheapest in China.