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Garlic flavor biscuits

Garlic flavor biscuits

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Three weeks ago I bought some garlic powder and put it in my refrigerator and then just forgot it. Today when I open my refrigerator and see it stand in a small corner I think: how about making some garlic flavor biscuits for myself?

garlic powder

To take the full advantage of the garlic powder and make the biscuits don’t taste so weird, I decide to make salty biscuits, so I put two pinches of basil in my garlic powder. I also replace most of the butter with olive oil. My house are full of garlic flavor when I am cooking my biscuits, it makes me so happy.

Here is the recipe of my garlic flavor biscuits.

Materials: 120g cake flour, 30g sugar, 30g olive oil, 20g butter, 5g garlic powder, 3g baking powder, 3g salt, little basil.


1, mix cake flour, sugar, baking powder, salt and garlic powder, fully stir.

2, melt the butter in my microwave and put it to the cake powder with olive oil, fully stir and make it into dough.

3, put the dough in a freshness protection package and rolling it into a chip, then put the chip in my refrigerator.

4, take the chip out after it is hard. Make the chip into different shapes and then put the shapes on a piece of oil cloth. Put the oil cloth into my oven, baking it for 8 minutes under 160 centigrade.

Now my little garlic flavor biscuits are done, they taste so delicious!