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Use rice vinegar in your recipe

Use rice vinegar in your recipe

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rice vinegar powder

1 vinegar cucumber

Raw material: fresh cucumber 500 g, proper rice vinegar, white sugar, salt, sesame oil

Step one: cut the two ends of cucumber, then peel it (the skin is edible, if you want to eat it, just keep it). Wash carefully after peeling, dice it to about 1 cm * 4 cm rectangles, and then put these rectangles into boiling water to stew about 2 minutes. Take the rectangles out, add 6 g salt to pickle it for 20 minutes.

Step two: after 20 minutes, the cucumber will be pickled and full of water. Throw the water and put the pickled cucumber in a bowl, add proper vinegar, white sugar and sesame oil to it, fully stirred.

Cucumber can help to reduce fats and carbohydrates, this recipe is good for losing weight.

2 vinegar radish

Raw material: white radish 250 g, carrot 150 g, lettuce 50 g, coriander 5 g, white sugar 250 g, rice vinegar 15 g, salt 10 g, clean water 250 g.

Step one: wash your boiler carefully and then put water and sugar to it. Stew to boiling and scrap the bubbles on the top of water. After the sugar water is cool, add rice vinegar to it to make sugar-vinegar juice. At the same time, wash the lettuce clean and put it on the bottom of the dish.

Step two: cut off the ends of carrot and white radish and dice them to 5 cm * 5 cm rectangles. Put all the rectangles to a pot and add the salt and then keep for 30 minutes after fully stir. After pickled, the water will come out of the rectangles, throw the water and add the sugar-vinegar juice to pickle for another 15 minutes. After another pickled, take out the rectangles out with chopsticks and put them on the dish which was with lettuce on the top before, add the coriander to it.

This recipe is an appetizer, when in summer, you do not feel like eating, you can eat some vinegar radish, it is really helpful.

3 vinegar lotos root

Raw material: lotos root, coriander, rice vinegar, sesame oil, sugar

Step one: wash the lotos root carefully and slice it. Then put it to the boiling water to stew well done.

Step two: add the sugar, sesame, rice vinegar and coriander to the lotos root.

This recipe is very simple, it is helpful for defecation, old man can eat it more often.