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3-MCPD free HVP powder

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HVP powder namely hydrolyzed vegetable protein powder, it is widely used in many aspects as a kind of good protein source. One key point of producing hydrolyzed vegetable protein powder is controlling the concentration of 3-MCPD.

HVP powder is hydrolyzed by hydrochloric acid (HCL), the raw material it use to produce HVP powder is usually soy bean, corn, wheat, etc. As we all know, soy bean not only contains lot of protein but also fat. Though before hydrolyzed, soy bean has been degreased, but there are still little residue. During the process of producing HVP, the HCL act with triglyceride and form 3-MCPD.

3-MCPD is bad for human body, it can lead cancer. The food regulations of all country has a strictly demand on the concentration of 3-MCPD. To produce 3-MCPD free HVP powder, you need very mature technology.

Shanghai Hensin Industry CO., Ltd supply 3-MCPD free HVP powder. Our HVP powder can meet the requirement of European standard. We have focused on producing 3-MCPD free HVP powder for 11 years and our price is quite competitive, if you have any interest, please contact us!