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Where are the good HVP powder suppliers

Where are the good HVP powder suppliers

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HVP namely hydrolyzed vegetable protein. HVP powder is mostly made from corn, wheat, soy bean, etc. It contains a lot of essential amino acid which human body need. For vegetarians, it is a good news because HVP powder can imitate meat flavor.

So where can we find a good HVP powder supplier? To answer that question, we need to know that the production of HVP powder should base on the mature technology, rich experience, the best devices and the most important, a competitive price. So to be a good HVP powder supplier, you have to get all that conditions. Here, I’d like to introduce Shanghai Hensin Industry CO., Ltd to all this papers readers.

Shanghai Hensin Industry was started as a small company who only supply soy sauce powder and HVP powder. We choose these two products because the CEO of our company had gained enough skills to produce HVP powder before he started this company. Now, as the best HVP powder supplier in China, we have a big factory and perfect device to ensure us to produce good HVP powder. After 11 years’ struggling in the business, we create a perfect supply chain from the material to the products which led us less cost in the materials.

To be a good HVP powder supplier, we have done very much in the past 11 years. We are going to expand our export business scope, we really hope to find some reliable buyers to establish a long term business relationship.