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Original pure chicken powder, in the application of the chicken (essence)

Original pure chicken powder, in the application of the chicken (essence)

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Chicken essence(powder) in chicken, eggs, chicken bone meal, or at the end of the chicken flesh concentrated extract as the main raw material, supplemented by freshness agents (monosodium glutamate, flavor nucleotide, etc.), and add the recipient and spices or flavoring, flavor agent such as edible flavor after mixing, granulating and drying process of a kind of compound seasoning with chicken and fresh aroma (chicken powder, need not granulating). Chicken essence seasoning belongs to the third generation of freshness agents, is characterized by both the chicken flavor, freshness and monosodium glutamate, unique flavor. Chicken essence (powder) can be used as a hotel, food cooking, also applies to family seasoning.

Several can’t only increase the nitrogen of chicken essence, and can produce chicken flavor of raw materials:

1. The original pure chicken powder is rich in nutrients, make the chicken (powder) has full of the taste of chicken, and have a natural smell of chicken.

2. The enzymatic hydrolysis of chicken powder is rich in amino acids and peptides, flesh thick sense is strong, but the natural flavor and natural chicken’s smell.

3. The chicken (bone) concentrated extract this product has good flavor, but the cost is higher.

4. Thermal chicken essence (cream) there are four main types: stewed chicken, Fried chicken flavor scent, spicy chicken, chicken fat scent flavor types, etc.

5. Distribution of concentrated chicken powder, this product in plain chicken powder as raw material, to add flavor enhancer increase fresh incense, suitable for both chicken (powder) productions, also suitable for biscuits, puffed food, etc.

The characteristics of the original pure chicken powder products

1. The Chicken flavor is dye-in-the-wood, strong sense of reality is mainly composed of meaty flavor in the flavor of fresh, sweet, sour, salty, and bitter, etc, ingredients mainly for amino acids, peptides, nucleotides, sugars, organic acids and salts, etc.

2. Advanced technology, stable quality in the strict control of temperature and humidity environment, natural ingredients via water phase extraction, concentration, emulsifying, harmonic, spray drying process, so that natural chicken is rich in active ingredients and fresh flavor substances get maximum extraction, the product has a real chicken flavor.

3. Green raw materials, natural raw materials adopt pollution-free mountain chickens.

4. Rich nutrition, easy to use products are rich in protein, fat, peptides and free amino acid, calcium bone biology and so on, not only taste delicious, and easy to absorb.