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Food ingredients vs food additives

Food ingredients vs food additives

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You may like to eat many snacks like photo chips, biscuits, cookies every day. Do you know what ingredients are there in these snacks or have you ever pay attention to the ingredients you have every day? Well, you may be surprised because there are so many kinds of food ingredients in the snacks you eat.

Take Pringles chips as an example. The formula of pringles chips: dry potato chips, vegetable oil (corn oil, cotton seed oil, soybean oil, sunflower seed oil), rice powder, starch, malt-dextrin, skim milk, salt, whey, coconut oil, spraying dried onion powder, glucose, white sugar, cream. Except dry potato chips, the main material, there are more than 15 ingredients in this formula.

Food ingredients are different from food additives. Food ingredients contain food additives, but not all of them are food additives. Some food ingredients are made of foods like spray dried pumpkin powder is made from pumpkin and soy sauce powder is made from soybeans. Unlike food additives, they can be artificial like the colors used on foods.

Food additives can be used in food ingredients. For example, malt dextrin is a kind of food additives, it can be used in spray dried garlic powder to prevent it from lumping or be used in instant soy sauce powder to Increase the solubility. However not every kind of food ingredients includes food additives.

The thing worth to mention is that the food additives in the ingredients may be not appears on the tag. That means you may eat some food additives that you can’t read on the tags. So, no matter how serious you are about the food you eat, you still eat several food additives somehow.

When you learn this, you may be worried about all the food you eat every day. Seriously, there is no need to worry about it. Though some additives are harmful to human body, but some are not. All you need to do is choose top brands food enterprises. In general they won’t do anything which will ruin their reputation which they have worked so hard for it for many years. Or you can just cook in your own home. I strongly recommend the later.