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Non-GMO soy sauce powder

Non-GMO soy sauce powder

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Soy sauce is made from fermented soybean. Non-GMO soy sauce powder belongs to the high-end products on the market. To reduce the cost, a lot of manufacturer use GMO soybean to brew soy sauce. Well, what harm does the GMO soy have?

non-GMO instant soy sauce powdernon-GMO soy sauce powder

In order to improve the yield and quality of soybean, there comes the genetically modified soybean which is well planted in America, Canada, Japan and other developed countries. As a new product in the recent twenty years, it is widely disputed. The first gene transplant crop in the world is a kind of tobacco which contains antibiotics antibody in 1983. Ten years after, the first genetic food, a kind of tomato what grown late, appeared in the market in America. Until now, the non-GMO soy sauce powder which is available in the market is rare.

Non-GMO soy sauce powder avoids the following four potential safety hazards what genetically modified foods may bring.

First, the toxic problem. Some researchers think to artificial refine and add genes to achieve good effect, the traces of poison of in the food may be increased and accumulated.

Second, is the allergy problem. For instance, some people who are allergic to one food may be allergic to another food. Such as people who are allergic to corn may be allergic to peach, wheat or other food which contains corn genes.

Third, is the nutrition problem. Though this problem is not specific found yet, but it can’t stop people from worrying about it.

Forth, is antibiotics resistance effect. When scientists add a foreign gene to a plant or bacteria, this gene connect with other genes together. After consumption, the resistance genes will be passed to pathogenic bacteria in the human body, the body becomes resistant to antibiotics.

Based on the worrying of the four potential hazards, soy sauce which is fermented by soybean attracts a lot attentions, non-GMO becomes an important index to measure the quality of soy sauce powder.

Shanghai Hensin Industry CO., Ltd use non-GMO soybean to brew soy sauce. The non-GMO soy sauce powder has brought us many loyal clients, we are very appreciate these clients and we will gain more clients’ trust and support.

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