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Natural food ingredients

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Natural is a green word, which stands for safety, clean, nutrition. As a kind of food, natural food ingredients are so important due to various artificial food ingredients’ production which have caused many food scandals all around the world.

Natural food ingredients are made of animals or vegetables. Un like artificial food ingredients, the flavoring materials of natural food ingredients come from the meat or vegetable which it made of. You do not need to worry about the cancerogen it may contain or the secret ingredients it concludes. Although it needs preservative to prolong the shelf life, but in general, it is much safer than artificial food ingredients.

Natural food ingredients such as garlic powder, onion powder, pumpkin powder, hydrolyzed vegetable protein powder, etc. are not only flavor enhancers but also can be used in health care products. As the idea of green spreading all over the world, it will a trend to use natural food ingredients more often even though various artificial food ingredients are invented.

Shanghai Hensin Industry CO., Ltd who follow the idea of green supply all kinds of natural food ingredients. We have natural fermented soy sauce powder, hydrolyzed vegetable protein powder, spray dried vegetable powder, etc. Just tell us your demands, we will fix the rest of it!