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Misplacing seasonings how to compensate for?

Misplacing seasonings how to compensate for?

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When cooking, if someone is talking to you, or you have been focusing on the thinking of something, not careful, it might be in the wrong dressing, or put some kind of seasonings, lead to food eat is too salty, too hot, or too bitter is possible. When you meet with this situation, don't pour out entirely, and then go to the super market to buy a new one.

Actually, even wrong dressing, also can make up for, the kitchen must be more than ready to dressing, and the effect of all kinds of spices are different, therefore, take advantage of these spices complementary role, can make up for the defect of you put wrong spices, make food taste delicious too.

1, too salty, accidentally put salt in more soups and should not be adding water, can be a clean raw potato or a piece of tofu in the soup, water can make the soup of salty pale and put a handful of rice or wheat flour with fabric in soup, also can get the same effect.

2, too spicy, stir-fries add too much pepper, chili is too heavy, and you can add an egg to fry. With the traditional iron pan fry chili curry sauce can prevention and treatment of anemia, but be careful gastropathy patients.

3, too bitter, bitter melon cooked is too bitter, can drop into a little white vinegar, to remove the bitter taste. Appropriate bitter helps regulate body balance of Yin and Yang, has a refreshing effect.

4, too sour: vinegar put much, dishes too acid, has been preserved egg can be pound into, it can effectively reduce acidity.

       5, too greasy: soup is too greasy, a small amount of seaweed on the fire roasts, and then into the soup, fat can reduce.