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Shanghai Hen Sin Industry Co., LTD

Shanghai Hen Sin Industry Co., LTD

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 Since the beginning of enterprises set up in 2002 (Shanghai Honest Industry Trade Co., LTD.), the company turnover rise year by year, from a single mode of food flavoring agent, to the independent research and development, independent production and production (in production) of nearly all its business model, to provide customers with better quality and more assured products. At the same time we focus on the development trend of world economy and international market, continuous innovation, provide more products and services to our customers.

Shanghai Hen Sin Industry Co., LTD.Founded in 2006, main business is industrial investment, international trade, wholesale and retail.

 Our international trade department to serve small and medium-sized enterprises import and export of products, is committed to building China's most customers reduce purchasing cost of the first international traders.

 We with the high quality service and solid professional import and export services, combined with customer demand, to analyze the cost of professional, looking for domestic production enterprises, by our quality management system and the supervision of the whole production process to ensure product quality, and uses the maximum cost control system for customers to reduce costs, to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We also do China sourcing service for overseas clients.

 At present, the company exports, the main products are all kinds of soy sauce powder series, series of hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP powder, gelatin HVP, HAP powder, etc.), meat extract series, series of fruit and vegetable powder, pumpkin powder, tomato powder), such as chicken essenceand beef powderseasoning (OEM), etc.

 Imports of main products are all kinds of liquid essence 10 times (enrichment), all kinds of ingredients, the I + G generation CO 2 - RIBO increase fresh powder, mushroom and increase fresh powder, chicken powder, meat powder, etc.

 In terms of food ingredients, we service customers are: flavor spices, seasonings, instant noodles, snack food, beverage, health food and restaurant chain and a series of food industry.

 Exports are the main countries of South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, the United States and other countries and regions.

 Company main service client is Japan's Nissin, Korea’s Long shim, CJ group, nestle, Unilever and DANONE, etc.

         World is equal, "the Hen Sin" will use their wisdom, in the economic development of globalization today, will push China's products to the world, on the world stage flow...