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Consumption upgrade drive the Seasoning market (3)

Consumption upgrade drive the Seasoning market (3)

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()  Delicious, high- price seasoning is popular

Along with the market new products, Seasonings price also increased. Add fresh products, for example, use only the original MSG, a few Yuan a piece can make for a very long time; Later in chicken essence, a single dosage is big, the cost is higher than that of a piece; At present, bone soup, scallops, such as a large number of listed, although use one cost about 2 to 4 Yuan, still have replaced chicken essence.

Despite the price increases, consumers still for new products. Vinegar, for example, in addition to the traditional rice vinegar, mature vinegar, balsamic vinegar and vinegar favor by citizens, manufacturers to launch some new products are also popular, from Shanxi vinegar dumplings have been selling well, besides appetizing acidity also both spicy flavor, can let the face skin and meat taste more delicious; And hobby to eat crab people will choose and buy special ginger vinegar, natural taste of fresh ginger and crab meat bring out the best in each other, can also save yourself the trouble chopped ginger; Have hairdressing health care efficacy of fruit vinegar, is a favorite of young women, rich apple, hawthorn, grapes, citrus and kiwi fruit sweet and sour taste.

() Table Seasoningmarket consumption has huge potential

Representation can see from the market, only Seasoning has become one of the fastest growing in the food industry categories.

The rapid development of the catering industry to promote the development of the Seasoning industry has a great effect. We have learned, in terms of food and beverage industry, seasoning in food and beverage industry the proportion of consumption, is the critical point of above 10%, namely the restaurant every 10 Yuan, including 1 dollar Seasonings consumption.