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Honey citron tea

Honey citron tea

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Grapefruit is high of nutritional value, rich in protein, carbohydrates, organic acids, nutrients vitamin A, B1, B2, CP and calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, etc., grapefruit meat per 100 mg of vitamin C57 than pear 10 times, 519 mg of calcium, significantly more than other fruits. "Citron tea" made ??with fresh grapefruit gold as raw material; add honey, after a heated cellar fermentation process is refined, rich nutrition, unique taste, rich aroma, the majority of consumers, to help heat fire, cough and phlegm, skincare, help digestion.

    Regular consumption of
honey citron tea, you can heat down, skin whitening, freckle.

    Grapefruit itself is high nutritional value, eat grapefruit can reduce anger, suppress mouth ulcers. In addition, grapefruit also contains a physiologically active substances called grapefruit can reduce blood viscosity, reduce thrombosis.

Honey citron tea: grapefruit Pickle, cold, non-toxic gas line with a variety of functions, digestion, expectorant, alcohol poisoning, and analgesic.


Citron tea drinking is recommended:


 1 hot: Take 2-3 tablespoons citron tea into a cup, add some warm water according to personal preferences directly brewed, shades may vary with individual tastes change, stirring after that it becomes a cup coveted three foot honey citron tea, brewed into tea after remaining pulp can be eaten directly.

    2 ice drink: ice drink first 80-degree heat to boiling water. Refrigerate after more excellent flavor.

    3 Other: When the jam can clip toast, making pastry, crepes, jellies and other materials can be added to tea, yogurt, Yakult while drinking.

    4 It may also be directly applied when the jam on bread; may also be made
??of diluted grapefruit or grapefruit jelly after tea jelly; You can also tune into the barrier with the flavors of the wine cocktail, the concentration can vary, sugar is no longer needed, if flagon shake out ice drink taste better.

    5 citron teas, cold drinks, hot drinks can be, is not the same delicious; join adjustable yogurt into a delicious grapefruit yogurt; adding liquor becomes grapefruit wine.