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Application of hydrolyzed animal protein

Application of hydrolyzed animal protein

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Hydrolyzed animal protein (HAP) is a high quality protein source, protein content as high as 90%. It is an acid, gelatin, casein, fish meal and other raw materials, alkali, enzymatic hydrolysis product, the main component of low molecular weight peptides. It contains 18 kinds of amino acids, there are seven kinds is essential; also contains many essential trace elements. It is a good natural physiologically active substance, water-soluble, high nutritional value, cholesterol-free, easily digested and absorbed by the body.

    Substitute for milk protein in dairy industry

 HAP used in the dairy industry, milk protein is a good alternative. HAP lower molecular weight, high protein content, easily absorbed by the infant, can use it to develop a low-protein infant milk powder milk (refer to the amount of 5% -8%). HAP for fruit milk drinks, such as coconut milk, peanuts, almond milk and a variety of lactic acid drinks (refer to the amount of 0.2% -1.0%). Emulsifying ability and can keep the original nutritional fruit juice and other flavors unchanged, good stability, easy to precipitate.


For adjusting the structure and texture of food

HAP ( the amount of 0.5 % to 2 % ) , to improve the nutritional value of products , and to adjust the structure of the food , the product delicate, enhance food flavor , making it easy packaging molding , to extend the shelf life of the ham, sausages and other meat products . Used in hamburgers, pork dumplings and other foods (usage 0.2% -1.0 %), enhanced nutritional products, and there are so mellow taste, delicate effect, effectively improve the flavor.

    For the production of advanced seasoning

    Japan and other developed countries attach great importance to the development of new advanced spices, natural flavors using spices to better reflect the natural flavor of food. By the
HAP, nucleotide agents by fresh yeast extract made ??from natural compounds such as seasonings, will be the main pillar of seasoning the food industry. The past two decades in developed countries, upscale condiments and sauces are used HAP, so it presents strong gravy flavor adds freshness. Add HAP natural amino acid type seasonings such as sauces, chicken, a wide variety of processed foods and cooking. As with chemical flavorings and use, you can form a variety of unique flavor. It can be used as MSG under fill material, in an amount of 10% -70 %.