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How to match seasonings to live a healthy life?(2)

How to match seasonings to live a healthy life?(2)

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The vinegar

 Role: the main rose sour taste, aroma, taste and smell are borned with,  red plays the role of in addition to the peculiar smell. Vinegar can promote the metabolism, the vinegar is one of the most effective way to prevent arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure. Vinegar can increase appetite and promote the secretion of digestive juice, have very strong sterilization force at the same time. It can within 30 minutes, kill salmonella and coliform bacteria, more jealous can also maintain intestinal acid, to achieve the effect of removal of harmful bacteria. Boil vinegar fumigation indoors, to catch a cold to have certain prevention; Use when you have a fever after dilution of 2 soak towel apply on the skin, can reduce the body temperature; With vinegar water gargle to treat mild throat inflammation. Can scald, eluting with vinegar, acetanilide detumescence, prevent foaming, wound good marks.

Taboo: vinegar should not be a large number of drinking, especially in patients with gastric ulcer, avoid drinking more vinegar, so as not to cause harm to the body. Unfavorable also vinegar, mutton, otherwise it will weaken the dietotherapy effect of both, and can produce harmful substances. Because vinegar is acid, when erythromycin, sulfa drugs should diet.

Type: according to the technological process,which can be divided into vinegar and artificial vinegar, which can be divided into the rice vinegar brewing vinegar, sweet and sour. Artificial vinegar and vinegar, vinegar can be divided into color.

How to choose: vinegar is green,which means is rich,bright color is beautiful.

   Shanghai Hen Sin Industry Co., LTD is a domestic well-known seasoning supplier, our company has two kinds of vinegar powder, one kind is rice vinegar powder, the other is brewed white vinegar powder. The vinegar powder is produced through special process, healthy and delicious.